Meet Angela

Angela Malik - Chef Patron

After training at Leiths School of Food & Wine, and some inspiring work experience at Bibendum, Vong and with chef Tom Kime Angela Malik established The Angela Malik School of Food and Wine, confirming her status as a professional chef. With a focus on quality teaching in an inspiring environment Angela aims to fill her zeal for food into her students and classes.

For me food is a sensory experience that encompasses all of our five senses touch, taste smell, sight and hearing. The perfect dishes are a delicate balancing of the five tastes; slightly fiery, a touch of sour tang, with perfectly balanced salt and a touch of sweet, underlying it all the power of bitter or umami. Ancient Eastern philosophies teach us that the correct balancing of ying and yang is the creative force which drives the cosmos and crafts the greatest food experiences. All the greatest female foodies from Elizabeth David to Nigella Lawson embody the passion and power of the gastronomical experience and it is a great privilege for me to follow their path.


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